A purpose

Hello everyone, I feel like I should introduce myself. My name is Destiny Johnson, I created this website with a purpose not to benefit me but to help others. I have absolutely everything a girl could ask for: a loving family, a perfect boyfriend, great friends, and I play soccer for an amazing college. I am popular, look at as beautiful and funny. Sounds like I should be a happy camper right? Yeah see the problem is, is that I suffer from severe depression. I have for years now and I have no idea why. I tried reaching out to people for a long time, but no one thought I was depressed because I mean, why should I be unhappy.. I have it all. The depression ended up getting worse and next thing I know I’m shutting everyone out, making dumb decisions, not being myself, and crying myself to sleep every night. In December I did what I never would have expected myself to do. I tried to take my life. The life God gave me. The life my family cherished and lived for. The life I’ve spent so much time trying to make right. I wanted all of my pain to go away. Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings to have. When I say feeling alone I don’t mean like my family and friends weren’t there for me.. I mean I couldn’t feel their presence. They didn’t understand me, which isn’t their fault because when they’d ask what was wrong my only response was “I don’t know”, or “I’m just tired”. I know how it feels to feel lonely, to not be understood, to feel like you’re drowning in your own thoughts. I do. And that’s exactly why I created this website. I want everyone to have a place to come and talk to people who can understand. This is a no judge place. We all have one goal here and that’s to conquer our mental illnesses. It’s real and its scary. We are in this together!


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